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AWA/ life update.

I think I actually remember most of what went down this time at AWA. Thursday night, Molly, Nick, Katie and I left the boro/ arrived at our hotel. We went to the con hotel to get our badges and whatnot- I had to wait on Phil to get there since I did group pre-reg, luckily- he had arrived maybe 6 minutes after the others got their badges so I didnt have to wait long. Then we went back to the hotel and lazed for a bit, then we went to buy food, then lazed around, then went to bed.

Friday, AWA! We went over to the hotel and did some para until the gang went to their first panel. at which point I went and found Alan, Garrett and Gelly and basically hung out with them for the rest of the day. Went to get food, came back to con, food again, con again, a few drinks, then we split up and I was picked up from the con to get back to our hotel.

Saturday, holy shyt, Japan Fest performance is in less than an hour! So we all got out ASAP and booked it as best we could to Duluth. The fact that it rained our whole wa there didnt help. And we got seperated from our tickets, and after panicking for like 5 minutes, I used the power of my blackness/ being nice to the ticket taker guy, and he let us in so we could dash to the stage area and sit our things down and catch our breath before we head on stage. The performance, I will say went quite well. A LOT better than the Ninja SP, I believe. After that we split into two groups that became three (Molly and Nick/ Katie and Jen/ Me, Mike and Greg) Soon after, my group browsed around for a bit in the dealer room and bought food and things. After that, Mike and I must have been hit by the same thing at the same time, because both of us suddenly got really tired, but we couldn't exactly leave Japan Fest, so we found a bench thing and used it as a rest area. Then we left to return to AWA and I split off on my own adventure with Garrett and Alan for a while till going back to the con and going to eat with DM Ashura, Mike, Greg and a few others before returning to AWA to do our AWA Hall para mix. And, after about 6 songs in, we had to stop because the crowd we drew by dancing blocked the entire exit area near the dealer room and was a huge fire hazard.

Saturday (cont.)
We talked with people and explained what was going on to them. And we eventually came to a deal where we could do the mix Sunday and that was all well an d good. So I left that popsicle stand with, guess who, Garrett and Alan's crew to get to their hotel room for drinks and things before going to the dance, which turned out to be lame as hell. Then we met up with Jordan and his peeps and we all hung out for a bit.

Sunday, woke up, danced the mix, I bought shirts and got to meet Little Kuriboh (creator of Yugioh Abridged) thanks to my friend Daniel, whom I didnt know was there. Then let the con shortly after that.

As for my life update: OMG DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA LAZY PARA DRAMA DRAMA HOMOS DRAMA DRAMA RACISM DRAMA DRAMA HITLER? DRAMA Drama.....school. yeah, thats about right. =D

It's all a big mess of whateverthehell at this point. I just laugh at it all and move on. No big deal. I'm gonna go get food and do homework now, yeah, thats right.


there, now its gone.

Today! pool party with P2M at Dot's place! I know it will be a great fun time!!! I'm sure there will be plenty of para to be done and drinks to be imbibed! Not to mention the board games to play!! I'm excited just thinking about it.

Fuck the bullshit, yo. We gon' shut that shit DOWN. ^.^ Yay, I acted black!

I tihnk thats it. I may try to do some filming at le party with the team and go from there.
OMG What to wear for Japan Fest performance?!

I was thinking of going easy and wearing my pants from the ninja SP (black with alternating orange and white ribbon wrapped around each leg.)  http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2172746&l=e7274b2da1&id=508472190

And probably a traffic cone orange t-shirt over either a white long sleve polo button up shirt or a black one...or black with alternating white, green and blue pinstripes- thats actually a pretty interesting shirt- pic to come soon- remind me if you need to see it.

Ideas? comments? criticisms? witicisms? sudden wants to talk about something completely unrelated?

It has been so long!!!

But I am backsorz and I have (one, two, three?) Yeah! three new videos that I filmed recently! ^_^

The woman some may know as Virginelle (or like 8 billion other aliases), Lolita sings Stop the Time Tonight and I have the routine for it here:http://www.4shared.com/file/125689667/84113548/Stop_the_Time_Tonight.html

Next you cang get you Techno fix wit the song so awesome they had to revamp the routine to keep it up to par. Its Concept One with Set Me Free get that video here: http://www.4shared.com/file/125261385/13426f99/Set_Me_Free.html   Anyone else think Concept One kinda sounds like 94 Sale?? Anyone?

And finally is one of the trickier Techparas I have come across with an awesome routine and song its Rok-Matic (who I think needs to make more songs) with Eye of the Tiger. That video is here: http://www.4shared.com/file/125643271/d92d0485/Eye_of_the_Tiger.html

Why do I have to give a hypeman style description for these songs you ask? Because I'm bored and need to pass the time by doing something. So there you have it.

Also whoo~! I'm so excited to be going back to MTSU soon! Classes start in two weeks, on the 31st, and I plan to be moved back there on the 28th. I am more than ready to pack up my stuff and head on up 385 towards Nashvegas! I'm quite over being in Memphis now, like super uber over it. But I'm making the best of it! 11 more days!!!

And I turn 19 in 13 days on the 30th! I'm so ecstatic!

Yeah, i've been behind... I know. ^_^;;

But I did manage to get up 3 new videos recently: my original routine for Call Me by Domino and the officials for Euronight by Eurogroove and Vampire/ Vamps. Those videos can be found in my 4shared folder: www.4shared.com/dir/17514164/3b41087d/Refilms.html

Also, I am featured along with Jessi from Fuwa Fuwa Candy on the Roppongi Street Vol. 3 DVD, which can be acquired at: www.supereuroflash.com/poop/RoppongiStreetVol03.wmv


I do plan to come out with more videos soon, sorry for the long delay. ^_^

Why were there no new videos last week?

Well, I just couldnt get around to filming anything. I was either being kidnapped to hang out with someone, not in the mood to film (a rare occasion) or it was thursday and friday when i was nursing my twisted ankle back to health. And of course yesterday was a holiday so i wasnt about to film nothins. I will try and get out at least three new vids this week to make up for it though! ^_^

Keep on the look out for more stuff from me in the future!!!

As promised, here are two more vidjas!!!

In trying to keep a steady flow of new videos each week, its time for the release of two more.

I guess I can call this the "Sexy time release" because i thinks both these routines are rather sexy...(so...why did I dance them? lol)

Anywho the first is a sort of request type thing from a friend of mine, Jay, and its pretty neat too. Its Unbalance by Yuki Kimura (or Kimura Yuki...or however its properly said >,>)  Download it here: http://www.4shared.com/file/114459463/1d584cd2/Unbalance.html   ^_^

The second is one of my personal favorite Tech Para routines. From the label Sinclaire Style, the group Vamps has actually become a favorite of mine, with songs like Vampire and Super Storm. This week, I filmed the routine for their song, Suspiria. This song is so hard not to get stuck in your head, that and you get practicaly screamed at in the sabi =D Anywho, you can download that video here: http://www.4shared.com/file/114473699/6cecde69/Suspiria.html

Eventually I will end up filming all my vids in a single location, but until then- im filming like everywhere in and around my house. =D

As for an actual journal entry: I got lefted y'all. My family has split to 3 different areas of the country and left me with the house. And I'm prefectly okay with that. I needed a break from them anyway. They come back tomorow sometime, but still, its been good without them.

Wow, a long time it has been...

But, regardless- im back yo!

The search for a job brings me to a still blank slate and practically empty bank account. The only money I have is a check i just got and what my mom gives me when i tell her im going somewhere, which i guess is fine. I feel slightly irresponsible since I havent found a job yet, but I counter those thoughts with the fact that I have put in the effort several times, its just that like no one is hiring. So thats just fine really- I am content.

In less depressing news: I have started my rounds of filming and editing my very own para videos. I plan to come up with at least two every week until i've done all that I know. At that point, I will start filming as I learn fun routines. I figure since I have the free time and the means to do so I should get myself seen in the para community and get feedback from the people in it. Last week only produced one new video but I went on and posted it along with two older videos of mine. They are all up for download in my 4shared folder : http://www.4shared.com/dir/16736779/63100867/sharing.html

Please watch and send me your comments!

Hello, old friend.

It's been a while since I posted on here, so I figured its just about update o'clock.

I was aobut to go into detail about how much my life sucks and how I have like no friends where I live, but thats too emo for the moment....

Anywho! I have done so...much...para since the summer started, I seriously think I have learned like 6 new dances in the past like 2 weeks. I am very proud of myself. I have also been training my "Hey, lets just stomp around on things" team in Pokemon. It currently consists of a Purugly, Abomasnow, Tentacruel, Blissey, Staraptor, and Raichu. Maybe not the greatest combo alive, but hey- I'm no competition freak (for the moment). I may train a competitive team later, just in case, but not right now.

I have also been working on a few various music mixing projects, the main one being for some hallway para at AWA in September. (It's never too early to get a head start.) If you want more info or have requests, see your local AWA thread on ParaPara Stage under South USA's local event's.

If im not doing any of the things menitiond above, I am probably bored out of my mind in my room doing basically nothing except listening to music.

Well, that's about it for this post, see yall next time!

Well, it is about time!

Since it has been over two weeks from my last update...why not?

Not too much has happened. It has become definite that I will be going home to Memphis when school is done and stying there for the summer. I hope to be able to come back to the boro to visit the team and some other friends, though.

A lot has been going on in my emotional quadrant as of late. Most of them started a long time ago (as in last semester), but they have intensified significantly in the past week or so. I have come to name this series "We Love Emotional Confusion" (Mission Style IV DVD to be released soon, for you facebook friends of mine). This series of events includes: having a crush on a quite close friend (whom I won't name) and my friends Gage and Josh all at the same time..(in ascending order of intensity)

The friend I won't name, I met him back in the first semester on campus, we talked for a good while about various things but never confirmed if he was dating anyone or not. After I came to start "dating" someone, it got out that I wanted to go out with him...and a bit of confusion ensued...but we ended up talking it out and just dropping it altogether. Well, recently the dust on that got wiped away- hopefully I can deal with it and stay friends with him.

Gage- oh the things I can say about him....he 22 about 5 foot 7 white guy with amazing hair and cute face to boot. Ever since we met, there was an attraction but nothing too huge. Then after I danced with him at Play one night, that attraction intensified. He is an all around great guy, but he has said that his past relationships have ended too soon at his fault and that depressed me a bit. I figured that I shouldn't try since I wont be able to see him much after a while, but we will see. He has told me that he does like me and we plan to hang out tomorow :D

And then there's Josh... met him last semester I believe when I was hanging in the KUC with my firend John regularly. After getting to know him pretty well, I noticed that I was wondering about him more thn most of my friends- which I found quite strange. I then noticed that I had become attracted to him. At first I stepped bac and was like- now there is no way that I can date someone with the same name as me- it would just feel so odd for some reason...Anywho, I spent from around 7:30 to 10:30 tonight with him at the mall and then laying together in the grass on a hill of Old Fort park. It wasnt so much a romantic moment as a very sweet one. We cuddled and talked for a little bit before we started to get sprinkled on by rain and decided to leave so we wouldnt be drenched in a possible storm. He ended up just taking me back to my dorm :/

Otherwise I have been hanging out with my "stone cold" friends at Carae's house having a ton of fun. Meeting so many new people (even had a girl convince a guy to kiss me -not for me, she asked us both to do it, promise-) Hopefully i will get to see him again and know hes okay, because there was a little controverse going on with him and he ended up just leaving...eep.

Well, I am off to bed now to rest before my first of 3 exams (one Friday at 10 and then one Monday at 11-ish? and the last Wednesday at 6)