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Days in my life- unlike being a number.

30 August
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My age is currently 18. I attend MTSU in Murfreesboro, TN and I am a second semester freshman. My major is Electronic Media Communications with a concentration on Production. My overall goal is to work in a TV station and then gain necessary experience to open my own (or at least a production company). I tend to be a very opinionated and honest person, so if you ask me a question, you should expect an honest answer. I can be a very deceptive person, but I never intentionally lie to my friends with malicious intent. (if I do, I have a good reason)

Next on my things to tell, I am a proud homosexual of...5 years I think it has been since I came out. Since I grew up in a religious family in the south with a father who has explained the consequences of having a gay child, none of them know about it.
Do I plan to tell them?- yes
When?- When I can disconnect from them and have been supporting myself for a while.
What do you think will happen?- either they will accept it and go on with life(unlikely), disown me completely(expected) or tolerate it and see me differently for he rest of their lives (also likely)

Either way, I want to know that I won't need their support after I tell them for fear of my expectations coming true.

Anything else you want to know? Feel free to ask me!